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Girls Inc of Pinellas is proud to announce a new partnership with Bright House Networks to help promote Bright Ideas STEM.

Bright Ideas STEM originates from Today’s Youth, their multi-state competition where students dream up the coolest inventions to make their own life, community or even the world, more awesome… and show how STEM – that’s science, technology, engineering and math – can bring their idea to life!

  • Last year, 123 students completed entries, more than 1,600 online votes were cast, and 66 organizations throughout the country helped Bright House Networks share the program in their communities.
  • Each of the Bright House Networks service areas will have the opportunity to send one finalist to compete head-to-head on TV, in front of a studio audience in Orlando, Florida.
  • The overall winner will have the chance to work with a leading innovation firm – which means this student’s dream or idea could potentially be realized and fulfilled!

Visit Bright Ideas STEM from Today’s Youth or all the details on how to get on board this ‘brain train’ and take a ride into the world of entrepreneurship, invention and innovation.

Bright House Networks is committed to building our local economies and fostering leadership experiences for our youth. We know that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. They’re also tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors.