Judith Artis

Sheila Barry-Oliver

Joena Bartolini

Lauren Brigman

Timothy & Tracy Caddell

Michael Cassaras

Cammie Chatterton

Chip Christian

Patricia Clynes

Jean Corey

Lori Craig

Michelle Curtis

Melissa Dohme Hill

James & Jenna Foster

Jennifer Garbowicz

Sean Goodrich

Judi & Mark Gordon

Jeanne Hardin-Gres

George Haseltine

TJ Haynes-Morgan

Alex Heeren

Monica Hernandez

Mark Hubbard

Cindy & David Huntley

Dawn Huntly-Mattox

Nadette James

Candice Buttitta & Mathew Johnson

Jennie Jordon

Christine Leddy

Molly Longmire

Donna Mainguth

Katrina Mason

Shawn & Debbi McVeigh

Natavia Middleton

Loretta Murray

Georgianna Nichols

Joe & Donna Perryman

Kathleen Peters

Susan & Marcia Powers-Hoffman

Dana Reina

Leila Sabet

Kathryn Schoen

Robert & Marcy Shuck

Emily & Zac Sitzberger

Jide Sofowora

Heather Soule

Brian Stepan

Tirrah & John Switzer

Dara Trujillo

Yvonne Ulmer

Dr. Allyson Watson

Julie Weintraub


The Girls Inc Champions for Girls giving society brings together individual philanthropists from the community who are dedicated to inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold.  This network of women and men are part of a community of advocates for Girls Inc of Pinellas, who are engaged locally and nationally to create long lasting, positive changes.

Girls Inc Gives Girls the Tools to Become

Strong: Make healthy choices | Build healthy relationships | Have sound body image

Smart:  Motivated to achieve | Improved academic performance | Set & achieve personal, educational and career goals

Bold: Use her own voice to advocate for self & others | Knowledge & application of life skills

As a member of the Girls Inc. Champion for Girls, you allow more girls to participate in the life-changing programming that awakens the hidden potential inherent in each girl.  By connecting girls with trained mentors and delivering research-based curricula, Girls Inc provides girls with the education, encouragement and guidance they need to succeed in life as healthy, educated and independent women.

The Girls Inc Experience is a life-changing opportunity for girls to experience the power of being their very best.

Join the Champion for Girls Giving Society

The Girls Inc. Experience equips girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated and independent adults.

Please consider donating $1,000 a year, $83.33 a month, $2.75 a day to change a girls life!  Monthly payments available:

Kathleen Peters, Pinellas County Commissioner, is a Champion for Girls Inc. Pinellas

"I think every single girl needs a Champion and I can tell you it is really an honor and a privilege. I think every girl needs the support of the community to help them rise up and be successful."

- Kathleen Peters

Patricia Clynes, Chief Financial Officer for The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art is a Champion for Girls Inc. Pinellas

"Growing up I was blessed to have a working professional mom who was my role model and now that I have a daughter, I want to be that same great example for her. While raising my daughter I realized that unfortunately not all girls have the same experience as I did and I started looking for local organizations that supported this cause and this is how I found Girls Inc. Their mission and vision immediately touched my heart and so I became involved because I also want to be a part of changing these girls' lives. I want to inspire them to shine, to be strong, smart and bold. I want them to know that it's okay for them to be a little loud, because their voices are important."

- Patricia Clynes