Bailey Martindale

Branded Communication
Owner Founder

Bailey Martindale is a serial entrepreneur that has multiple ventures including a brand strategy and marketing agency; she is an active blogger and social media influencer; and a zealous encourager of women. She has an undergraduate degree in strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations and a master’s degree in administrative leadership.

She uses the term fiercely feminine to explain herself and the values she believes in. She has learned how to embrace her femininity while still having the ability to be a strong leader. She seeks growth & positivity and loves to share her learnings along the way. She is originally from Oklahoma, moved across the country at 25, spent two years living in Salt Lake City, followed by two years in Dallas, and now since 2020 is a Floridian. Florida is the first place that has ever truly felt like home to her. She is an experience enthusiast and has traveled across the US and the world. She started her career in broadcast journalism and public relations before pivoting to sales and marketing. She worked for a disruptive tech company in Utah before taking a sales and marketing director role at an outsourcing services company and then shortly launched her own brand strategy agency in 2018 – Branded Communication.

She helps brands tell the right story to the right audience in the right way. She has spent much of her life from the age of 14 volunteering with various non-profit organizations including those benefitting the developmentally disabled, The United Way, Junior Achievement, and more. She has launched two successful women’s groups in different states that she lived in that provide a place for transplant women to share ideas, create connections and get to know more of the city. Since moving to the St. Petersburg area in 2020, she served a year commitment acting as the marketing chair for the St. Pete Young Professionals, a sub-entity of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. She lives in the area with her boyfriend, his 3 children, their 2 Australian Shepherds and 1 cat.

She considers herself a complete book nerd and reads over 50 books a year. She is a fierce advocate for female empowerment and equality, racial equality and mental health.