Support our Local Girls this Giving Season!

The end of the year is almost here but it is not too late to support our family at Girls Inc.!

We are officially in the heart of the giving season, a time of the year where communities come together to help one another and show how much they care. A very important part of our community in Pinellas County is all of the amazing young girls. They have so much potential to change the place we call home and just need proper guidance to help them become strong, smart, and bold.

At Girls Inc. of Pinellas, we provide hundreds of girls in Pinellas County with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face. From providing a healthy meal to a safe place to unwind after a day of school, we inspire our local girls to achieve more and go after their dreams relentlessly. This giving season, we need you.

Tax Deductibles

Did you know that charitable gifts are considered a tax-deductible? By making a gift to Girls Inc., you can actually pay less in income tax. It is definitely not too late to make a contribution to our local community and benefit your wallet. Your donation could go toward more healthy meals, additional STEAM programs, and more opportunities to benefit our local girls!

It is the Giving Season

There is no other time of the year that brings people together quite like the holiday season. With people off from work, love in the air, and usually a holiday bonus in their pockets, there is the opportunity to do more good. This holiday season, your support would mean the world to us. For just $2.77 a day, a cup of coffee, you can become a champion for girls and help us continue our programs. We pick up girls from their schools and bring them to our facility for a healthy meal. We’re focused on helping the next generation achieve greatness.

This season, we need your support. Embrace kindness, caring, and compassion to benefit our local girls. We can promise that any money you donate will go directly to our daughters and will benefit their futures!

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