Empowering Girls On International Data Center Day

As part of Involta’s continuing mission to empower women and girls to become leaders in the tech and telecommunications field, the company recently engaged with students in Florida’s Gulf Coast area of Tampa/St. Petersburg, through its community-focused initiative, “Involta Cares.”

To celebrate International Data Center Day on March 23rd, Sue Sedrel, Involta’s VP of Human Resources, spent the afternoon with the Pinellas Chapter of Girls, Inc. virtually, describing how her childhood experiences, interests and dreams helped shape and empower her career path to help inspire future leaders. Girls, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that encourages all girls to be “Strong, Smart, and Bold” through direct service and advocacy.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Data Center Roles 

The session was aimed at inspiring the girls to put themselves in Sedrel’s shoes and imagine their futures as strong leaders in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) field. Sedrel’s journey to her current position did not take a straight path. She encountered several detours along the way. But she encouraged the girls to understand that it’s possible to do anything if you work hard enough. The theme of her presentation focused on adapting to change. Sue shared photos of the technology she grew up with, compared to what is available today.

“I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I was smart but very shy. I didn’t grow up with technology from day one as you did. When the first phones and computers came on the scene, they were huge,”  Sedrel told the girls. “I wanted to relate to the girls that technology will always be changing; that’s the nature of it. Being able to adapt is the key. That goes for us as well. You don’t have to change who you are, but be ready to adapt as you grow and learn,” added Sedrel.


Strong, Smart and Bold: The Future is Bright 

Involta will continue to invest in the relationship with Girls, Inc. with ongoing participation in the Full STEAM Ahead program, a series of virtual events that highlight women leaders in STEAM fields, as well as other initiatives.

“As we partner with Involta, we are creating a foundation from which the girls we serve can succeed,” states Darla Otey, Executive Director, Girls Inc. of Pinellas. “When the girls in our organization hear the real-life stories of women who can share their backgrounds and  childhood experiences, they can relate and see themselves in STEAM fields they may not have imagined before.”

“I truly believe this next generation of young women, digital natives, are destined to lead the way in a traditionally male-dominated career,” concludes Sedrel. “I was so thrilled to support Girls Inc. and help advance its mission to empower girls to succeed.”

For more information about Involta Cares, visit www.involta.com.

By Sheetal Werneke|March 25th, 2022