Full Day Summer Literacy Camp for girls entering Kindergarten.
June 10th – July 26th  2024


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Girls Inc of Pinellas has a limited number of summer spots for five year old girls preparing to enter Kindergarten in August 2024.

Our FREE full day program designed specifically for 5 year old, from June 5th through July 28th will focus on literacy, numeracy, and social skills to set girls up for a successful kindergarten year.

No fees to parents.* ELC accepted. Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, t-shirt and field trips.

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm

The Girls Inc of Pinellas Ready, Set, Kindergarten! pilot program includes the evidenced based use of Summer Bridge activities sponsored by United Way Suncoast. Girls are engaged in literacy, numeracy as well as social and emotional wellness activities to prepare them for a successful kindergarten school year. Additionally, the girls will participate in the Science is an Olympic Sport summer camp program designed to expose girls to the wonders of science in the Olympics.

Data continues to emerge that clearly emphasizes the impact that early literacy has on the long term academic success of children. In the past, Girls Inc has focused on serving girls in kindergarten through 12th grades. This summer, we launched our kindergarten readiness summer program that will help prepare 5 year old girls for academic success in kindergarten. The long term goal of this program will be to track the girls (and their families) who participate in this pilot program and understand the implications of early literacy enrichment in a single gender environment.

We know that literacy is important because it is the foundation for all other learning. If girls can successfully read to proficiency by 3rd grade, their chances of success in upper education and employment are greatly enhanced.